A Bill to Save Lives

Pass the Bill.
Don’t drop the ball on alcohol harm.

We all want to live, work, play and raise our children in communities that are healthy, safe and connected.

When our communities are safe and healthy we give ourselves and our whānau the best chance to thrive, grow, and enjoy the things that are most important to us.

Reducing alcohol harm can enable our communities to thrive.


Do you want communities to have more say over where and when alcohol is sold?

Many of our communities are saturated with bottle stores. Communities have been powerless to prevent new alcohol outlets opening in their neighbourhood. Communities want to see change!

Do you want to protect children from alcohol sponsorship while watching broadcast sport?

Our children see alcohol advertising everywhere – especially promoted by their sporting heroes. They should be able to watch sport, free from the powerful and harmful influence of alcohol advertising.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Harm Minimisation) Amendment Bill will address both of these issues, by:

  • enabling communities to have a greater say in decisions around where, when and how alcohol can be sold – by removing the special appeals process that large alcohol retailers are using to obstruct Councils implementing controls on alcohol sales
  • protecting children and adults from alcohol sponsorship in broadcast sport, such as the Steinlager Series (rugby) or the ASB Classic Tennis Open (sponsored by Heineken).

A number of City Councils have already voted to endorse the Bill. These are: Auckland City Council, Christchurch City Council, Hamilton City Council, Whanganui City Council, Gisborne City Council, Palmerston North City Council, Napier City Council (first part of the bill), Hauraki City Council, Waipā District Council, New Plymouth District Council, Dunedin City Council, & Nelson City Council.

You can read the Bill here and Frequently Asked Questions here.


The Bill is due to be debated in Parliament. More than half of our MPs need to support the Bill for it to proceed to the next stage. Find out more about writing to your MP here.

The harm from alcohol cuts across everything we care about as a nation and has no political boundaries.

Dr Nicki Jackson
Executive Director Alcohol Healthwatch

About us

This community action initiative is from Hāpai te Hauora with support from Alcohol Healthwatch. It aims to raise awareness of the need for stronger alcohol laws and provide a platform for individuals and organisations to show their support for an alcohol harm reduction Bill that will be debated in Parliament this year.

Alcohol Healthwatch is a national charity dedicated to reducing and preventing alcohol-related harm through effective health promotion. Hāpai te Hauora is the largest Māori Public Health Organisation in Aotearoa New Zealand, serving communities through increasing opportunities to enjoy good health and to be sustained by healthy environments.