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How can I support the Bill?


Sign our petition or open letter


Write to your member of parliament (MP)

You can locate your local MP by typing in your address here.

Once you have their name, you can find their email address here.

Below, we provide an example of some text you can send in your email or letter to your local MP. The letter will be stronger if you add your own local experience of alcohol harm in your whānau, community and/or concern about harm experienced by others. Or write about what the vision of less alcohol harm looks like for you – what benefits would you see?

Dear [Title and Full name of MP],

I am a local resident in your electorate – my address is [insert your address]. I am writing to strongly urge you to support the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Harm Minimisation) Amendment Bill.

By supporting the Bill, you will assist to enable our community to be healthier and safer. Communities cannot be expected to continue to shoulder the substantial burden of alcohol harm. We deserve strong laws that protect us from the serious and unequal harms of alcohol.

This Bill is an important step towards a positive change in our drinking culture. This is long overdue. The benefits of our country drinking less are vast – and include better mental health, improved child wellbeing, reduced family harm, less pressure on our health system, less pressure on police and emergency services, and improved productivity and economic growth. This is good for every one of us.

Please put communities first and support the Bill.

[Name and contact details]


Share your story or quote about alcohol-related harm with us below!

Next steps for the Bill

“If our political decision-makers truly want to see young people reach their full potential, then they will support this Bill. They must not stand in the way of every New Zealander reaping the vast benefits of our country drinking less.”

Dr Nicki Jackson
Executive Director Alcohol Healthwatch